End of Semester 3

Tuesday, December 1, 2009
Another semester came to an end yesterday, with the conclusion of the final exams. In the blink of an eye, I am already halfway done with my Year 2 studies. With the upcoming 5 weeks free of academic torture, I am free to chart how I want to live my Sem 4.

I have changed a lot since KEWOC days. Somehow, those 2 months being in hall doing hall CCAs changed my perspective and outlook about my future. Now, I will need to take certain drastic steps before I regret not having a fulfilling university life. I am gonna do these things in the 5 weeks, with or without a job at the Science Centre:

1) Apply for NHG Pharmacy Scholarship. Top on my list of priorities. With this scholarship will come many many opportunities that would otherwise be restricted financially. I will go all out and not let the mistake of ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship repeat itself.

2) Sit down, think through and talk to seniors about NOC Application. Why NOC? Why throw away another year for this programme? Is this programme only suitable for aspiring entrepreneurs? What if I just want NOC for a better resume? Think think think...the decision could be life changing. Think of ways to get it!!!

3) Almost forgot about this, but yes, enjoy Medan and all it has to offer!!! The food, the scenary, the people. It will only be my 2nd overseas country after Singapore though, and I am looking forward to it. Thanks Kelvin for graciously allowing me to stay with him. Come to Malaysia next time!! OMG, cant wait to see Lake Toba....

4) UROPS. Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme in Science. The name speaks for itself. Finally, I will get to experience first hand research methodologies and get to know my pharmacy professor better. I might like it or hate it, but I will know for sure if research is my cup of tea after completing it. Not to mention the opportunity to take part in the NUROP Congress where I can present my findings to others. How exciting!!

5) Learn Chinese! I have not given up yet. Still have to stuff in at least 100 characters within this one month. 我要学到我会写好的中文!!Nop, I did not refer to anything when typing that out, if you are wondering...but I must admit, knowing that alone is not enough.

6) Read the books I bought during a MEGA SALE in conjunction with NUS Library Resource day. Although the books are dirt cheap, I wouldn't want them sitting on the shelves screaming out to be read.

7) Bring Jiea Huan around when he comes for a visit sometime during the end of December.

8) Plan for Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam trip during next sem's vacation!! OMG..I will be pouring over the net and guidebooks for information. Exciting and perhaps one of the best ways to experience South East Asia. Again, the feasibility of this trip depends on holiday plan no 1. (refer above)

9) Join in the XQRJ fun! Will most probably be tagging along during prelims rehearsal or roadshow rehearsal. Jiayou X12!

10) I will leave plan number 10 empty in case anything new pops up somewhere in between.

I want to start Sem 4 with brand new optimism!! I want to be a changed person, a more confident and better person as a whole, not just purely "someone good in his studies and NOTHING ELSE!"

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