Day 4 Part 1: Sepiso-piso Falls

Saturday, December 12, 2009
We set off to Sepiso-piso Waterfalls today. It was a very bumpy ride as the roads were barely even passable, filled with massive potholes here and there. Every now and then, the driver had to slow down and carefully navigate around these potholes. I enjoyed the scenery along the way, looking at mountains and plantations. What I enjoyed most was to look at the people staying around the area, their simple yet very happy lives. You can see kids riding on buffaloes and cows grazing along the roadsides. What a contrast between Singapore and here. On the one end, people are all clambering for success, working their way up the corporate ladder or towards better academic grades. On the other end, people here lead a carefree life, with no materialistic aims, living each day as it is and letting time pass by slowly, not to mention to enjoy every single day. =)

We reached the Falls and voila, it was right next to Lake Toba. The first time I saw Lake Toba, I gasped. It was the most beautiful lake I have seen. Very eagerly, both Kelvin and I trekked down the steps to the base of Sepiso-piso. It was a very dangerous way down, the steps were not properly constructed and there were parts so steep, I had to crawl down. I fell once on my butt because the steps were really slippery. Luckily, I didn't fall off the steps and onto the rocks below. Reached the base and it was awesome. There was mist everywhere from all that gushing water high up above.

Before getting wet

Awesome but very dangerous rapids

The water tasted good! Fresh mountain water...

All wet from the mighty Sepiso-piso...

The way up was horrible. It was like climbing the steps from PGP bus stop to KE dining hall times 20. No kidding! We stopped 3 times along the way to catch our breath. What more with the high altitude and thin air, the climb was unbelievably difficult.

Shall continue in my next post..Day 4 was a very long day...=)


Kenrick said...

Where is Part 2 ???

Reuben Lim said...

yeah where is it? why stopped halfway one?