Day 3: Brastagi

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Today was the day that I have been waiting for! A trip up to the Brastagi highlands! We set off in the morning and it was a 2 hour journey all the way up till Kelvin's villa...oops, his Uncle's villa. It was a different journey than usual as traffic got lesser with time. The air became fresher too as we ascend the mountains. Leaving the hustle and bustle of Kota Medan was a refreshing thought =). I gasped when we finally reached the villa. To me, it was the perfect retreat. The place was cool, beautiful and most importantly, quiet enough for you to live in complete peace. Food tasted better up in the highlands plus the fact that Kelvin's aunt who tagged along cook great meals =).

Strawberries at the villa, all picked and eaten!!

View of the kitchen, it is a separate space from the main villa but we cannot eat outdoors less we risk sharing our meals with the pet dogs =)

Gunung Sibayak, an inactive volcano viewed from Brastagi

I spent the entire day reading National Geographic. His uncle had a massive collection of the Geographic dating back years ago. I love the Geographic a lot. Ever since I was young back in Puchong, I have always waited in anticipation every month for the postman to deliver the Geographic. Through the Geographic, I got to know the world. But I was little then and mostly admired the Geographic because of its fantastic photography, not much of the reporting. Anyway, there was this special edition on China which I found particularly interesting, talking about the hopes and dreams of many Chinese with the upcoming Olympics back in 2008. Another day of adventure tomorrow!! (Pictures from Kelvin's facebook photos and Google Images)

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