Day 2: Sun and Music

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Couldn't think of a more suitable title. Anyway, went to Sun Plaza today, reputedly the best place in Medan! On the way there, we got stuck in a traffic jam. Got to see Medan during its morning rush! At Sun Plaza, met up with Kelvin's friend, Nadia and had lunch at a restaurant there.

Sun Plaza, Medan

Watched Ninja Assassin starring Rain and was horrified with the amount of blood and gore on screen. Apparently, cinema goers here were very lively =). Every now and then, they would make appropriate sounds to go with the scene, especially this romantic kissing scene in the movie where the crowd went "Pheew weet!!!!"

Ninja Assassin

After that, we went to try Sate Padang. Different from Malaysian satay, this satay has quail's eggs, cuttlefish, chicken intestines and of course your usual chicken meat, not forgetting the chicken's heart...gosh. It was still delicious nevertheless. =)

Sate Padang, the sauce was really spicy!!

Come nightfall was the highlight of the day, a piano and cello duet performance at Selecta. I am not really a music fan but I love their synchronized play! The pianist was Dr Christine Utomo, a famous pianist from Indonesia while the cellist, Tina Guo from America. Apparently, it was quite a big event that even the US Ambassador to Indonesia attended. Truly enjoyed the classical music belted out by the duo. I cannot find any recorded video, but there was a rehearsal video featuring the two. They played Bumblebee as their final performance and it was great! Just ignore the false start as this was just a rehearsal video. Again, images were from Google Images and video from Youtube. Have not forgotten my acknowledgements!!


jackact said...

Yes, Sun Plaza is worth a look. Name brand shops, plus US style coffee shops (at almost US prices). Supermarket on top floor is interesting, and good for clothing/shoes you have left behind. Lots of ATMs, too.

b-chan said...

lol... NUS has certain ingrained within us the no-plagiarism mindset. :)