Day 1: The bustling city

Monday, December 7, 2009
My biggest regret was that I didn't have my camera with me. It was with my sister back in Malaysia, probably sitting in a cupboard, getting all dusty without her having any apparent use for it....grrr...

Therefore, I can only descriptively describe this city of 2 million with words. Woke up in the morning and tagged along with Kelvin to his high school, SMA Sutomo I. We decided to walk and experience the streets of Medan on foot. The pictures below were taken from Google Images; 1.5 years in NUS and I know jolly well about plagiarism. =) This was our breakfast:

Medan's Duck Bee Hoon

I tried the Lemper as well and loved it. I will definitely da bao this back to Singapore!


While walking the streets of Medan, I noticed that there were guppies swimming in the city's clogged up drains. The pedestrian walkways have uncovered parts and one fatal step could lead you straight into the drains, into the wonderland of those swimming guppies. I thought that I can cross any road, being a Malaysian all my life. My goodness, that was before I came to Medan. I don't think there were traffic rules here, definitely no pedestrian crossings and if not for Kelvin, I would have stood there frozen, not daring to cross the road. So, what do I do? When in Rome, do as the Romans do. While in Medan, do as the Indonesians do. Watch and learn. I occasionally saw people crossing the road just by extending their hands and using their palms to form a stop sign, as if ordering the vehicles to stop and walking across just like that. This must be the way to do it and I tried the magical hand walk to cross the roads. Thankfully, I managed to cross every road. =)

Aside from terrible traffic, I really like the city. It was a city that was very much alive with activities. One corner you can see someone pushing a cart and at the next corner, you can see a group of becak (trishaw) riders. Hard to believe that people here actually sleep at 10pm. It was this pulse of vibrancy that keeps Medan alive.

Kelvin's school's classrooms were fitted with air-conds!! OMG, why can't my school purchase air-conds as well? We entered the headmistress room (Kantor SMA) to get the Album Kenangan aka school magazine.

The Perpustakaan was a modest one and it was there that I killed time reading about Sejarah Indonesia. Started from Proklamasi Kemerdekaan Ogos 1945 till Pembentukan Tentera Nasional Indonesia till Penyerahan Wilayah Irian Barat. What the heck am I doing reading Sejarah?? Trust me, reading about another country's history was really exciting and a great way to know the country too.=)

Had bakso for lunch. I wanted to try this ever since I saw ang mohs eating it on The Amazing Race. Medan's food was very spicy, so much so that I can practically breathe fire!


It really was meatballs and mee, some meatballs have egg in it. I was introduced to his friend and brought to Thamrin Mall. On the top level you can actually see the panorama of Medan city, dominated by amazingly tall TV antennas and spherical water tanks on top of roofs.

It was makan time again (tea time counts right?) and therefore I was brought to try Palembang epek epek. Fried goodies with dipping sauce. It was fantastic! Sorry, couldn't find any images on Google.=(

Rode on a becak back home. The ride was bumpy, owing to the many potholes on the road, but enjoyable nevertheless. It costs only Rp 5000, slightly less than a dollar (S$). The conversion rate is 1S$ to 6800 Rp. That concluded Day 1!

The becak, a personal public transport in Medan

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