Days in KE 7

Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Well, in the last post, I said that I will write more "tomorrow". Unfortunately, tomorrow never came. Haha....

I have been keeping myself busy with Float. Not that I am part of the team, it is just something I do out of curiosity and because I will never get to join a holiday committee next year due to internship commitments. The past week was particularly interesting watching how the artistes and engineers go about doing their duties; the artistes busy with their scaling and artwork and the engineers constructing massive wooden and steel structures. Trust me, float is a lot of hard work. I just cannot fathom how the floaters have the stamina and motivation to go on day after day working from 9 am till God knows when. Wish them all the best for the upcoming NUSSU Rag Day, a day when all the halls and faculties will display their float for us to see.

Also, being with the floaters for a week plus already taught me many things. Especially what happened today. I was asked to determine the centre of a circular wood cutting. Having left my geometry after school, I was totally clueless. Alright, with Kee Hong's help, we did manage to come up with a strategy to determine the centre, using the property that the angle of a semicircle is 90 degrees. However, I created so much of a fuss that I looked stupid. So stupid to the point that people actually questioned how the hell can a university student not know such a simple task. I felt terrible. Not only am I not able to help, I might be causing them a hell lot of touble. Why am I always not capable of practically coming up with solutions, why am I always not able to use my common sense. The final blow came when someone questioned how can a Faculty of Science Dean's List student not know how to determine the centre of a circle.

To think about it, I have practically nothing left in my life that I am good at except for what is mentioned in the textbooks. I was never good with computers, never good at grabbing opportunities when they come and maintain only a small circle of friends. I'm never good with woodwork/ steelwork/sports/ outdoor activities and things that require common sense. I dread to think of the day when I am living alone and will need to call the plumber every single day for some minor leakage that a normal person can fix using common sense. I dread to think of the day when I will be cheated by advertisements or conmen simply because I am too naive. I am too stupid perhaps to live a life.

What is wrong and why did I end up like this? Perhaps I was too sheltered as a child. Fed when hungry and comforted when I throw a tantrum. Everything will be handled by Mum and Dad. Maybe it is not a good thing when your parents love you too much. You will end up being dependant, not able to stand on your two feet.

What an important life lesson that I've learnt in just one week that I am back here in KE Hall. Indeed, my hall has people with so many different talents and capabilities that I am just a nobody. I will need to change my outlook of life and drill in some common sense, plus street smart strategies to survive in the harsh environment of Singapore. Thrown into the sea, one can only sink or swim. I never know how to swim.

Back in Good Old KE Hall

Sunday, June 7, 2009
Finally back in hall after 1 month plus. Hall is practically deserted, not many people around. It feels like my first day here, except that I return not as a freshie, but as a senior and KEWOC member.

So, what have I done in the past 1 month at home? I did set out a few objectives to achieve and I am glad I did achieve some, if not all.

I did hit 195 chinese characters, short of the original plan of 200. Worse, these are not the 195 most common characters, so I still find it difficult to comprehend sentences. Haha, but now I can make out simple sentences (very simple ones) or fragments of sentences. It has been a nice experience making myself watch Guess Guess Guess, Taiwan hokkien shows, Edisi Siasat Mandarin ( a Malaysian mandarin show about current issues) and a particular Singaporean show teaching Mandarin to foreigners. Yeah, it's called 有话好好说 (you hua hao hao shuo), and I am loving it watching Indians and Filipinos speaking Mandarin.

Besides, I did meet up with few friends, the usual Form 6 gang... We went to school together, tuition together, CCA together, so many things done together. Same paths will eventually diverge and now we are on separate roads. Wish you guys all the best and hope that we can meet up for more trips sometime in the future. The Lumut trip was fun! Met up with two primary school classmates, namely Chong Eu and Winson. All the best to you guys also. Of course, there are many more I did not get a chance to meet, mainly due to clashing freetime. Sorry to Elaine also, who tried hard to organise a KL outing but I had to pull out.

Gonna sleep now and continue tomorrow.