9th January 2009

Thursday, January 8, 2009
Ok, hate me all you want. Throw profanities at me, I beg. I left this blog to rot for such a long time, God knows why..haha.

Truth is ever since school started, I have been busy if not with studies, with hall activities. Not much time left for blogging, eh? I know, it is a lame excuse.

Today however, I suddenly have the inspiration to start blogging again, at least before the new semester starts. Let us start with New Year's Eve (31st of December 2008). Erm, I remembered going to Suntec City with a group of friends and then off to Marina Bay after that for a countdown celebration. The usual stuff with scores of people and fireworks lighting up the night sky. A resolution was made to study harder next semester and to explore the little corners of Singapore. Here are some pictures taken from my friend, Wen Qing a.k.a. Green Birdy:

Dinner at Suntec City on New Year's Eve

Marina Bay, Esplanade in the background

Floating plastic balls with wishes written all over it

Charlie's Angels (left to right: Elaine, Wendy, Sharlene)

3, 2, 1...HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!!!