First week of school

Saturday, August 16, 2008
Oh goodness, I left blogging for a very long time. Mainly, I am too busy with all the activities going on in NUS. I left my blog with my first day orientation experience at hall. After orientation ended, I was involved in Pharmacy orientation, helping out with the RAG team and doing FLAG day collections as well. It was a very hectic past few weeks.

I am truly proud of our RAG day performance. Here is a video. RAG day is a day when NUS students showcase their majestic floats to the public. It was an eye opening event as to what students here are capable of doing. I have been to many rehearsals just to prepare for RAG day. What is my role? An insignificant side prop mover and static helper. I worked for only a couple of weeks. The floaters worked for 3 months !! Imagine that!! We did not win anything but it was a good effort.